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September 12, 2022
What are maintenance fees?
In the market for A-class warehouse space under the Tripple Net Lease model, there are 3 basic costs associated with leasing, these are: rent, exploa
August 22, 2022
Investing capital in land, times of double-digit inflation.
Every economic crisis forces investors to look for solutions to invest funds in a safe and stable way. In order to achieve with
July 26, 2022
Lease rent vs. total cost of the lease. What is Tripple Net Lease?
In the commercial property rental market, particularly in the warehouse sector, there are three basic types of leases: Tripple Net Lease (NNN),
July 6, 2022
Eastern "wall" of Poland - opportunity or risk of investment?
Since the outbreak of the war in Ukraine, this question has come up in many discussions and analyses of both local investors and global leaders looking for a market allows
June 20, 2022
The return of a warehouse. What do you need to know about the return of the space and the wear and tear of the leased property?
Every term contract comes to an end. The subject of space return is often overlooked when negotiating a new lease. It is worth remembering this issue in the context of
7 June 2022
How to acquire or make more attractive investment land?
The current situation in the market for warehouse space in Poland, its development and dynamics, more and more often forces developers to constantly search for land for investments
24 May 2022
Why move? Reducing rental costs and ensuring your business grows is the main consideration for moving. Is this the only benefit?
Many companies are reluctant to approach the subject of a potential relocation. This is usually due to being used to a given location. In the background there is also the comfort of the br
9 May 2022
Urban Warehouses. Small Business Units.
What are Small Business Units projects? Small Business Units projects are warehouse and office space dedicated to tenants who care about the prestige and